Hi, I'm Kevin and I'm a Toronto, Canada
Web Developer and Learner.

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I'm a 2023 new grad student from the University of Ottawa, with a master degree in Computer Engineering. I've worked as Software Engineer for 5 terms in my 3 internships, and I enjoy building with delightful user experience and developer experience in my mind.

I have experience working with TypeScript/JavaScript, React, GraphQL, Python, Django etc. I'm now actively seeking a fulltime SDE opportunity starting from Jan 2023 or later.

To know more details about me, here's my resume, and feel free to reach out to me.



How does Webpack pack your code?
How does Webpack pack your code?


Webpack is a static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications. While everyone knows this, not all of them know how webpack works. So let's dive a little deep inside to find how does Webpack pack our code. Read More

Deploy Your Application with a Click
Deploy Your Application with a Click


It is always cumbersome to publish an application on the server, you have to build, upload, and sometime restart the load balancer. Wouldn't it be awesome if everything can be done automatically with just a click? Read More

Create a Koa Server with TypeScript
Create a Koa Server with TypeScript


It has been a long time for developer running a HTTP server with NodeJS on their server, but not necessarily with TypeScript, the most popular feature today. Why not try them out together. Read More

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